about us
Pozitif Sondaj was established by three driller brothers in year 2007 in order to offer a new option in national and international mineral exploration sector. In a very short time, Pozitif Sondaj has recorded a consistent growth in the drilling business world and established a strong position in the national diamond core-drilling services sector.

Pozitif Sondaj was established around a union of managers who served to national drilling sector for many years. The current members of management have also participated in international projects both within the country and abroad. The members of management, who served to drilling sector at distinct positions in the operational cadres; has the ability to assess the components of drilling and drilling related operations within the scope of health, safety, environment and public relations.

Having its headquarters in Ankara – the Turkish Capital – Pozitif Sondaj has the ability to operate round the world with its specialized equipment and skilled personnel.

Pozitif Sondaj started giving drilling services to the national drilling sector in 2007 by one drill rig. Pozitif Sondaj's fleet has expanded over the years with the addition of new equipment and investments. In parallel with the fleet expansion, Pozitif Sondaj expanded its management and operational cadre with the participation of new employees who devoted themselves to their profession. The Core Management and Operational Cadre of Pozitif Sondaj pass their experience, knowledge and basic understanding of company culture to the new employees.

Pozitif Sondaj's main philosophy is to implement all the benefits of new technology in its sector; give reliable; qualified drilling service in cooperation with the customers; train qualified personnel to its sector; show respect to the rights of its employees and clients for the duration of each and every operation.

Pozitif Sondaj's servicing priorities can be listed as following: to have leading environmental, safety and health implementations; to ensure that the local communities have the same or better socioeconomic status from the beginning of the project till to the completion of the project and after completion of the project.

Pozitif Sondaj provides services like surface diamond core, reverse circulation (air) and multi-purpose drilling. Pozitif Sondaj started using production drill rigs from its sister company in 2009. Depending on project requirements or the factory productivity from its sister company, Pozitif Sondaj also supplements its fleet by direct supply. Pozitif Sondaj is capable of increasing the capacity of its sister company-produced drill rigs. In summary, the maximum drilling depth capacity of the drill rigs in the fleet is limited by the depth capacity of the technology leading brands' drill rods.

Engineering and Design Department of Pozitif Sondaj aims to satisfy its clients by serving them with safer, environmental impacts' reduced high performance drill rigs and drill equipment. Engineering and Design Department collects feed-backs from operation sites to manufacture advanced future versions of drill rigs and equipment. Besides manufacturing advanced versions of drill rigs and equipment, Pozitif Sondaj also gives continuous feed-backs to its national and international suppliers to ensure that they improve their products.