Pozitif Sondaj was established by three driller brothers in 2007 in order to offer a new option to the mineral exploration drilling services industry. Within a short period of time, Pozitif Sondaj achieved a consistent growth and obtained strong position in the Turkish diamond core-drilling services industry. Our headquarters are located in Ankara, the capital of Turkey.

Pozitif Sondaj was established with a group of executive managers, trained by operational teams with expertise in the drilling services industry and who have participated in international projects both inside and outside Turkey. We evaluate the components of our operations within the framework of Occupational Health and Safety, Environment and Public Relations. Pozitif Sondaj has the knowledge to successfully deliver drilling services to satisfy project scope and purpose, to any part of the world, with its qualified staff, superior machinery and drill equipment. We provide a safe and suitable work environment for our drill team and those who visit the site.

Pozitif Sondaj’s main philosophy is to be an innovative and constantly self-improving company, implementing all the benefits of new technologies in our industry. We pride ourselves on offering reliable, dependable, project-oriented and qualified drilling service in cooperation with our customers. We believe in training and respecting our employees and clients.

Pozitif Sondaj’s drilling services has pioneered implementations for Occupational Health and Safety and Environment. We provide people living nearby our project sites with equal or better living conditions compared to those existing before the initiation of project.

Pozitif Sondaj provides drilling service using core, reverse-circulation (air) and multi-purpose drill rigs. Pozitif Sondaj produces and maintain it’s drill rigs used in its fleet under the company name “MBEF Makine”. Owning our own manufacturing company allows Pozitif Sondaj to modify our drills in accordance with the requirements of projects. The capacity of our drill rigs is only limited by the bearing capacity of drill bits.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering and Design of “MBEF Makine” aims to provide its clients with machinery and equipments which are much safer, environmentally sound and regularly upgraded for productivity with the help of continuous feedbacks from drilling operations of Pozitif Sondaj in the field.

Our Vision & Our Mission

Our vision: Our vision is to become a well-recognized leading drill company, which is capable of safe and high-quality services and in all areas of drilling sector, both within Turkey and abroad.

Our mission: We are an innovative and self-improved company with a mission to implement all the benefits of new technology in the drilling services industry. We strive to be a leading, thrustworthy, reputable company offering customer-oriented and qualified service, to be respectful to the rights of its clients and employees, and to train qualified personnel to its sector.

Our Principles

A) Customer Satisfaction; Customer satisfaction is an important indicator of our success. We offer our knowledge and the most suitable solutions to our customers, we provide them the best services in a rapid and efficient way.

B) Satisfaction of Our Employees; We believe that we will accomplish success hand-to-hand with all of our employees. We always train and educate our staff with information and learning. Our corporate character includes diversification, being open-minded, mutual-respect, having clear targets, resolution and leadership abilities. 

Our Health and Safety Policy

As Pozitif Sondaj, we believe that correct and productive work can only be attained in a safe and healthy working environment. We aim and commit to the following;

  • To comply with national and international regulations, laws, legislations, and other liabilities related to occupational health and safety,
  • To prevent occupational accidents by following sectoral and technological developments related to occupational health and safety,  
  • To continuously develop occupational health and safety performance,
  • To use all of the equipment related to occupational health and safety in most effective and correct way,
  • To analyzing and evaluating the potential occupational accidents found likely to occur during execution of the projects and taking precautions with necessary equipment and training,
  • To increase occupational health and safety responsibility.

Our quality policy

We prioritize customer satisfaction, meeting their time demands with our modern and developed drill rig fleet. Our target is to satisfy the demands of our changing and growing business partners to take place among the leading reputable drilling companies of industry.

Pozitif Sondaj knows the importance of each project. We plan our operations to maximize customer satisfaction and quality of our services.

Our Environmental Policy

Pozitif Sondaj aims and commits to following all laws on the basis of sustainable development and environmental protection.

  • Complying with national and international legal regulations, laws, legislations, and other liabilities on environmental issues,
  • Preventing environmental pollution and destruction of the environment by following industry-specific scientific and technological developments of our sector about the environmental protection, 
  • Protecting and using natural resources in the most efficient way, 
  • Keeping the environmental impacts under control and mitigating them from the beginning to the end in the projects,  
  • Reducing or recycling the wastes that will arise from our operations,  
  • Improving consciousness of environmental responsibility of our employees by training them on the environmental issues.

Our Environmental Vision;

  • To mitigate adverse environmental impacts that might be arisen from our operations,
  • To provide healthy and safe operations applying environmental protection as our main principle by pre-evaluating environmental impacts of each project to be executed, 
  • To follow all industry-specific innovations, researches and developments closely, 
  • To find solutions for industry-specific environmental problems related to drilling services industry,  
  • To keep environmental risk management at the most advanced level in case of any emergency,  
  • To arrange and organize our operations in a manner of supporting sustainable development principle,

With our vision composed of these principles, we aim to be a company, mentioned for our outstanding environmental policy leaving a solid impression for both the drilling industry and for our country, not only today but also in the future.

Our Environmental Mission;

Pozitif Sondaj is conscious of its social responsibility and environmental awareness issues and has adopted the followings as its mission scope:

  • To comply with environmental liabilities in all of its activities,
  • To work with environmental responsibility and consciousness with all of its staff, 
  • To develop environmental impact mitigation standards continuously, 
  • To develop environmental commitment continuously,  
  • To monitor the implementation of its environmental commitments continuously and to ensure the commitments are fulfilled,  
  • To be a leader company in its sector by being sensitive to environment, health, and safety expectations and requirements.

Our Targets

  • Client-focused and fiduciary qualified services,
  • Continuous increase of productivity and performance in provided technical and management services,  
  • Sustaining Health and Safety and zero accidents,
  • Environment-friendly planning and operations,
  • Development of cooperation and team work,
  • Awareness of high efficiency and quality,
  • Having a goal to accomplish favorable and safe working conditions,